Mayor: Shanghai supports industry of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong met Kai Johan Jiang, CEO of National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, on Friday. Ying

Info-tech company helps tourists to Guangfulin Suburban Park with a ‘smart map’

Songjiang-based Tianfu Information is helping tourists to the Guangfulin Suburban Park to get a better

Songjiang tramlines T1 and T2 go through a test run in the urban area

Songjiang tramlines T1 and T2 went through a test run on Thursday. It was the first time for the tramline

Zuibaichi Park in Songjiang kicks off Spring Festival celebrations

Zuibaichi Park in Songjiang has kicked off the Spring Festival celebrations this week. The festive events

Two primary schools in Songjiang honored for their folk art courses

Songjiang’s Sijing No.2 Primary School and Xiaokunshan Primary School have won the title of National

Songjiang sets up fund of funds to promote technological and innovative industries

A G60 Sci-tech Corridor Fund of Funds was established in Songjiang District yesterday to support the

Songjiang adopts higher standards in agricultural production supervision to boost export

Songjiang has adopted higher standards for agricultural production supervision and products quality control

Xiaokunshan residents’ relocation project to be completed this year

The overall relocation of residents in Xiaokunshan is set to be completed by the end of this year. The

University builds an online platform to provide multilingual versions of CPC documents

Shanghai International Studies University recently launched an online platform that provides multilingual

Songjiang provides shower facilities for elderly people in the wintertime

Songjiang is providing old people shower facilities at six spots in the suburban areas until the end